6 Tips for Your Business Instagram Account

instagram business account

Instagram can be a powerful tool in the hands of your business. More powerful than some other social media platforms.

“Instagram is a great visual platform,” said Michelle Manskie, the owner of Little CrossFit in Brisbane, Australia. “It lets us communicate our brand and values to our followers through photos and imagery. We often find there’s a greater connection on Instagram than there is on Facebook or Twitter, so it’s a wonderful way to build trust and familiarity.”

That trust and familiarity comes from Little CrossFit posting photos their members want to see. Manski said they love posting images of athletes working out and having fun. “When we post those images, we want our followers to think, ‘Wow, that looks fun! I can do that,’ rather than, ‘That looks intimidating, I could never do that,’” she explained.

In fact, Manskie said they’ve found it better to create their content in-house so their message and brand is consistent. “We want our followers to get a better understanding of our gym, our culture and our community,” she said. “To achieve this goal, we’ve found it’s better to create our own content rather than relying on reposts or sharing other’s content.

Beyond the purpose of Little CrossFit’s Instagram, Manskie gave several overarching tips for Affiliates to take back to their own Boxes:

  1. Be consistent. We’ve found that consistently posting relevant content over a prolonged period has developed a level of comfort and trust in our brand.”
  2. “Post regularly – daily if possible – and post at times when most of your target audience is online.”
  3. “Include plenty of member photos and showcase them in good light. We want members to be proud of the photos and share it – i.e. avoid poor form and cringe-worthy photos.”
  4. “Prepare posts in advance and use a scheduling tool such as Hootsuite to make life a little easier.”
  5. “Always respond to comments and interact with followers.”
  6. “Focus on inspiring, entertaining and educating, rather than selling.”

Examples of Little CrossFit’s Instagram:


How are you using Instagram in your Box, and in what ways can you better your use of it in your business?

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.