Six Steps to Writing a Blog


Content, content, content.

If you’ve talked to anyone lately about growing your brand or conquering digital marketing, you’ll hear that word repeated. Having consistent content pushed into your community can help people see you as the expert you are.

But, starting might be the scariest step for you to take when it comes to writing content and beginning a blog. However, like one HubSpot author shares, the time for excuses is over. Affiliates need to be blogging and producing content.

Below are six steps to help you get started producing content, building your image of an expert in your community and showing people you know your stuff. Because in the end, it strengthens your brand and can bring new members through the door:

  1. Have a Plan: Where are you going to post your content? On your website? Do you have a tab for it? Figure out the logistics of where and how you’re going to post, including a schedule of when you will be putting up your blogs so you can remain consistent.
  2. Know Your Audience: Who are you writing to? Pick one or two members you would want to duplicate and have more of in your gym. Write to them. Or, find out some general needs of your local community and write to those. Figure out your audience and focus on them each blog.
  3. Pick Your Passion: Is there a topic, like nutrition, you love writing about? Don’t steer away from it. Yes, you might need to change up the subject every now and then, but if you write what you’re passionate about, people will be able to tell. They’ll also be able to tell if you are writing on something you don’t like or don’t believe in. Be honest and truthful in your content.
  4. Just Write: Sometimes, people say they need to wait for inspiration to hit before they start writing. But often you’ll find the best authors sit down at designated times and force themselves to start writing. Then their muse comes to them. You just need to start blogging today instead of waiting for the perfect topic to come to you, because otherwise you’ll never start writing.
  5. Proofread. Seriously: You should read your own work at least twice before posting, checking for grammar and flow of the content. Misspellings, errors and confusion can decrease your credibility, even if you know your stuff. Have another staff member read each of your blogs as well; someone else will usually catch what you don’t.
  6. Post It, Share It, Like It: Once you’ve written your blog, share it. Post it on social media, share it in your gym’s community page, post it on your personal feeds. If people don’t know you wrote something, they won’t read it.

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