Sims’ Five Tips for a Successful Move

CrossFit Regeneration on the move!

In operating a successful Box the opportunity may arise at some point to move into a larger space. Recently, CrossFit Regeneration in Louisville, Kentucky, moved to a new location.

Charlie Sims, the gym’s owner of the Box, gave us a few tips he’d provide his earlier self if he could go back in time prior the move. Hopefully these will benefit you and your future success:

  1. Attempt to do it over a weekend. We had to shut down for four days for the move.
  2. Don’t schedule a throwdown even remotely close to when the landlord told us the space would be ready. We had 30 minutes from the time the contractors left to when athletes started coming in for the competition.
  3. Spend more time planning the packing up and transport of the literally tons of equipment; and take full advantage of the help, trucks and trailers.
  4. Make sure Internet is squared away once the move is complete.
  5. Don’t skip staff meetings the two weeks before the move. This communication chain is critical.

“We had — all things considered — [a] pretty smooth transition, but these would have made it smoother,” explained Sims.

Tyler is a former editor of Box Pro Magazine.