Showing off Your Gym Equipment

gym equipment

Every Box’s website is unique, trying to make a lasting impression in a digital world. Despite the different photos and various information, there are similarities you can find in each site.

When you visit CrossFit King of Prussia’s website, the typical tabs you find on most sites appear at the top of the home page: “Getting Started,” “Schedule/Pricing,” etc.

But, if you direct your mouse to the “About” tab and allow it to drop down, you’ll see the words “Gym Equipment” near the bottom of the list.

Clicking on the phrase, a page will open. There, you’ll find that a long list and a grid of photos appears, giving a complete inventory of the equipment CrossFit King of Prussia has inside its facility. Each piece of equipment listed — from a plyo-box to a battle rope to a pegboard — is connected to a photo to show website visitors what the gym equipment looks like in the Box.

Curious about the page and the thought process behind it, Box Pro sat down with Aimee Lyons, the owner of the Box located in Bridgeport, Pennsylvania. She answered the below questions about the gym equipment page and why she decided to put it on her Box’s website:


Box Pro: First off, why do you have a “Gym Equipment” page?

Aimee Lyons: The saying is that a picture speaks 1,000 words. However, more than that, a picture can begin to show the soul of a Box more so than any amount of words could.

BP: Have you seen a benefit of having it?

AL: With something like this, it is hard to determine if there is a benefit or not.  We never polled our clients as to whether or not they looked at the page.

BP: Why do you think it’s important that people get a clear vision of your facility before visiting?

AL: Similar to what I said before, by looking at a picture, you get a better sense of what goes on in the building. You can begin to “feel” what it may be like to join the Box.

BP: How else do you give people a clear vision of your facility before coming?

AL: Our answer would be to show our equipment page. Other than that, it is hard to convey any gym in words. We are located on a major thoroughfare, so our exterior gets people in the gym, but we need an avenue to show them the guts as well.

BP: How do you communicate to newbies what exactly your gym is about?

AL: We encourage all newbies to come to our introductory sessions where we talk about all aspects of the gym. This is basically an introduction to CrossFit, a guided tour around our facility and a workout.

BP: Anything else to add about your equipment page or clearly stating your vision?

AL: We live in a world where science and art are very much intertwined.  There are some concepts that are easy to explain through the written word, but others are much better served visually. Why not do both?

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