Should you be Blogging?


As an Affiliate, you may feel like there are more important tasks you need to accomplish in order to grow your business instead of spending time blogging. But, the content you produce could be beneficial to your members and to yourself.

In the Forbes article “The Top 10 Benefits of Blogging,” author Jason DeMers writes two benefits of blogging are increasing leads and building your credibility within the industry. DeMers then concludes with, “Blogging on your company’s website is one of the best ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors.”

Box Pro asked Kris Bates, a co-owner of Grassroots CrossFit in Berkley, California, about the blogging he does for his Box. “We blog to keep the members informed, engaged and to give them a deeper understanding of the choices made regarding programming, classes, etc.,” said Bates. “We feel that it helps give the clients a better appreciation for what we’re doing at the gym. It also helps people who are evaluating our gym over others in the area get a sense of who we are and what the experience will be like.”

Beyond the blogging benefits Bates sees for members, he went on to share more about the process. Read below how he makes time to blog and why other Affiliates should consider utilizing their websites as a blogging platform:

Box Pro: What do you typically blog about?

Kris Bates: Primarily, we blog about what our focus will be for the gym over the next few weeks or months — what the strength work will look like, how the conditioning will be structured and what recurring themes they can expect to improve specific aspects of their fitness. We also blog about trends we see to help keep members on track. For example, in the past we’ve blogged about cherry-picking workouts, or why it’s important not to try and follow the programming of Games athletes.

BP: What does your blogging process look like and how long does it take?

KB: The ideas for blogging generally come during discussions with the Coaches on trends, programming ideas, where we will shift focus, etc. From there, we basically just transfer those ideas onto the page. Both my partner and I come from a background in English and creative writing, so we tend to write our thoughts and have one another proofread.

BP: How do you make sure to set aside time for blogging?

KB: This is one of the trickiest parts of blogging. Ideally, we’d like to blog a significant amount more than we are and branch out into general tips and topics for our clients, such as nutritional guidance, help with habits, etc. What makes it challenging is that there are other day-to-day necessary activities that tend to crowd out “optional” and yet equally important tasks like blogging. We’ve set a new goal to attempt to write a minimum of once a week, and our plan is to try and write first thing in the morning, without any distractions (no checking email, phone, etc).

BP: What tips for writing blogs would you give to other Affiliates?

KB: Try to find your own voice and write from the heart. Don’t make your blog post a sales pitch or a way to try and attract new customers. Just talk about the things important to you based on observations, conversations and thoughts you’ve had from your coaching. Ironically, it seems like the more you focus on adding value without trying to get anything in return, the better your actual return on investment.

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