Should You Attend an Intimate Event?

intimate events

As a Box owner with a busy schedule, it can be easy to fall into a rut with your routine — making it difficult to get perspective. When you’re in the weeds, breakthrough ideas and solutions occur a lot less frequently.

Therefore, it’s important to break out of your routine at least once a year in order to recharge and get some much-needed perspective. And a great opportunity to do just that includes industry-specific intimate events, which typically max out at 75 people.

Unlike large-scale events or trade shows, where you’re one among a sea of thousands, intimate events allow you to network and really get to know your peers. As a result, you get the opportunity to problem solve and pick other attendee’s brains on issues they too may be struggling with or have already solved. After the event is over, these relationships will last far beyond the event’s dates.

For Steve Pinkerton, the owner of CrossFit Vitality, getting to network with peers is one of the most valuable aspects of the Box Pro Leaderhip Summit, an intimate event that occurs annually in the fall.

“It gave me an opportunity to get out of my normal routin and meet some people that I normally would never be able to interact with,” said Pinkerton. “I get stuck in this small circle and never leave, so this forces us outside of that and helps us look from the outside in on our own busienssness. For me, it was very helpful and I would recommend that everybody that has this opportunity to take advantage of it.”

Intimate events are also a great opportunity to get to know a small selection of sponsors. You’ll have a sponsor’s undivided attention, meaning they can provide a solution truly tailored to your Box, versus a mass-market pitch. At a larger event, it’s impossible to meet with the hundreds of vendors in attendance.

Laura Rupsis, the owner of Absolution CrossFit, echoed the sentimate of the power of a small group. “Being able to sit down in a relatively small group — you’re not overwhelemed by 200 attendees — so you do get to know each other and get to know each other’s names,” said Rupsis. “You get to identity who’s really strong in areas where you’re weak and have an opportunity to sit downa nd talk to those people, which is great.”

As you plan your 2018 calendar, consider adding an intimate event to your schedule as an opportunity to recharge, network and find solutions to issues plaguing your business. I promise you won’t regret it.

Interested in attending an intimate event? Consider the 2018 Box Pro Leadership Summit, which will take place November 14-16 in Louisville, Kentucky. Forty Box alongside limited sponsors will come together for two days of roundtable discussions, networking and fun. Take away tangible ideas and invaluable connections. Interested in attending or sponsoring? Limited spots remain. Email while spots last and visit for additional details.

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