Seeking Knowledge as the Industry Evolves


The fitness industry is continually evolving.

Because of this, Aimee Lyons, the owner of CrossFit King of Prussia in Bridgeport, Pennsylvania, said continuing education in your business is important. “We are only now beginning to explore the true potential of the human genome,” she explained. “If your business does not continue to evolve with the newest learnings, you will be ill-prepared to optimize the potential in each of your clients.”

Training the mind and gaining knowledge is similar to an individual’s journey in physical fitness. The more knowledge you gain, the more you understand yourself and your weaknesses. After gaining that information, you can then better train yourself to reach your goals. Lyons said this is similar to when people take their Level 1 — Coaches learn they have “the highest potential for improvement” in various movements and experiences in CrossFit, because they see their weaknesses and areas of improvement.

When it comes to education, Lyons continually urges her trainers to seek knowledge. She also gives them opportunities to learn and practice what they are taught. “It is impossible to over-emphasize the importance of continuing education,” said Lyons. “When you stop learning, you stop progression, and in an ultra-competitive environment, you will find yourself losing customers because they are finding more value elsewhere. Set the example for your Coaches and clients.”

Lyons shared more about what she does for her and her Coaches’ continuing education below:

Box Pro: How do you, as an owner, pursue continuing education?

Aimee Lyons: As a Level 3 and Level 4 trainer, I am required to expand my knowledge base and track all of my continuing education. CrossFit HQ has provided a variety of options for continuing education. The courses that are offered cover an extremely wide range of the fitness industry.

BP: How do your Coaches pursue continuing education?

AL: Several of our Coaches are Level 3 trainers and are required to maintain their continuing education, as I mentioned previously. In addition to that, I routinely invite potential Coaches to obtain their Level 1 when we host a seminar at King of Prussia, and all of our Coaches have received their Level 2. It is my experience that seeing and correcting is one of the most prominent traits that differentiates a good Coach from an average Coach. Unfortunately, this is only developed through practice. So, we routinely have practice sessions where our newer Coaches train small groups and are observed by our more experienced Coaches and debriefed later. Doing so has significantly improved the quality of our Coaches.

Box Pro: What three pieces of continuing education do your recommend?

AL: This is nearly impossible to answer because I believe that you should expand your boundaries and train your weaknesses. In a very broad sense, I would recommend everyone get their Level 2 and Level 3, and then select a course that you know you are weak in, in an effort to continually improve.

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