Second Time the Charm with CrossFit Hale

CrossFit Hale

I remember visiting CrossFit Hale like it was yesterday.

Hopping on the BART – the Bay Area’s rapid transit system – I made my way to Richmond, California. After about a mile walk, I arrived at Jay Williams’ Box. I think that was the first gym I’d seen with so much natural light. Windows covered most of the Box’s walls. Taking photos in there wasn’t difficult.

I remember meeting Williams’ staff, watching them coach and chat with members. Williams’ gym was also one of the first where I saw a front desk complete with staff person.

It’s been awhile, so I can’t quite remember how we got connected, although I’m pretty sure it had to do with Chris Cooper. But I remember one of the most intriguing aspects of Williams’ story was the fact he had opened a Box first in England and then in California. He tells the complete story on the below episode of Box Talk, which is the interview from the cover story I wrote on CrossFit Hale.

One of my favorite parts of releasing these cover story interviews has been getting to listen to them again. I get to hear the stories of some incredible owners for a second time, and they feel new. It’s interesting what nuggets pop out this time versus when I first heard them, what knowledge bombs stand out more than when I first talked to Williams.

So, I encourage you to listen to this episode. Even though the content is technically two years old and a lot has changed since then, I think he still has some amazing advice to share. Whether it’s on emails or members or lessons learned from opening two Boxes, I think you’ll find some awesome stuff hidden in his story.

And besides, don’t you need something awesome to listen to while you drive or clean the floor? That’s what Box Talk is here for.

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