Schwinn® Airdyne Pro Fuels WODs


Recently named “the best value fan bike on the market” by Men’s Health, the Schwinn Airdyne Pro is a favorite among CrossFit devotees with its intense and highly effective cardio and anaerobic training. The beauty of this classic air resistance bike is its infinite resistance – it’s as hard or easy as you want it to be, thereby accommodating every level exerciser and each different WOD. Men’s Health also pointed out, “It’s great for tough interval work.”

In addition to its great price and custom resistance, here are some top reasons you need an Airdyne in your Box:

  • Low-impact, total-body. Skip stationary bikes that only work the legs. This gets your entire body cranking. And after all those plyo box jumps, your joints will thank you for relief from high-impact pounding.
  • Ultimate efficiency. The Airdyne is equipped with a 26-blade performance fan and a responsive, single-stage belt drive. That means all your power and effort goes directly into generating resistance. Other bikes use two-power, chain drive transfer systems that waste power and leave you working harder for less return. Studies show you burn more calories on the Airdyne Pro compared to a competitor fan bike at the same RPM.
  • Killer workouts. Looks can be deceiving, and this classic workhorse now comes with HIIT programs and custom interval workouts that have you challenging yourself to bury the needle on the tachometer! Or simply use it for warm-ups, interval bursts or cooldowns.
  • Intuitive and safe. In an all-out WOD, there’s no time to figure out what buttons to press or how to set up a machine. With the Airdyne, simply get on and go. Pedal harder for more resistance, and slow down to ease up on intensity. And you can transition smoothly and safely from sprints to stops, thanks to a smart inertia drive.
  • Accommodating. What’s great about the Airdyne is that it accommodates everyone – from beginners to elite athletes, as well as those recovering from an injury.
  • Calibration technology. For those who love specific data, you can calibrate the Airdyne before each ride to precisely track power output in the face of variable atmospheric conditions.
  • Extreme durability. This time-tested icon has lasted all these years because it works, and it’s built to withstand beatings, day after day, year after year. With solid, heavy-duty construction, the Airdyne has a double-coated steel body and a moisture-repellent frame.