Scaling is to Fran as Software is to Operations


If you’re reading this, it’s assumed you’re a CrossFitter. As with all things CrossFit related, things make more sense when compared to a workout. Naturally.

So, how do you feel about Fran? Fran is a classic. When you walk into a gym, it isn’t unheard of that someone might ask you, “What’s your Fran time?” It is a staple of the CrossFit community and that isn’t going to change.

Fran is a great workout because it targets a very specific stimulus. Power output. How fast can you complete a prescribed number of reps using a specific weight? That is an incredible test of power, and the prescription allows for comparison across multiple people.

But, what happens when people can’t do the workout using the prescribed movements or weights? The simple answer, they scale. Scaling is incredible for one major reason. It meets people where they are. When folks that don’t have the ability to do Fran as prescribed decide to scale, they are choosing to prioritize the intended stimulus of challenging their power output using their abilities. Then, they can do the workout and still work just as hard to achieve the same ‘feeling’ as the elite athlete a few stations down. That is pretty amazing and is why CrossFit is for everyone.

Now, this topic of scaling provides a very important lesson that transcends the simplicity of a workout or two. And, this lesson can be applied to the way you run your CrossFit business. Make decisions that meet you where you are. And, when you grow or change? Well. Change your scaling.

Consider your operations. In a CrossFit gym, operations usually involve some set processes for two things:

  1. How to bring members onboard and
  2. How to manage the needs of current members.

When you think about it, these two essentials are what drive all operational action. These are needs that you must meet in order to be a successful gym operator. They are your stimulus.

But, what is your scaling?

Well, your scaling is the systems you use to meet the needs of your membership management. For many, those systems involve using a computer software service, which assists you in processing and automating those needs. And, while all software systems might feel the same to you, believe it or not, there are many different scaling options out there.

So, your challenge today is to stop and consider what it is you need. What should your scaling be? Ask yourself:

  • What do your members actually need from you?
  • What adds value to your business?
  • How can you simplify your work to both meet the needs of your members and ensure you are adding value to your business every day?

As you answer these questions, determine for yourself what type of operational platform you need. Based on that, do a little research. You can have simple. You can have complex. You can find something that can provide just the things you need.

And, by choosing the right scaling option, you’re bound to get rid of the muck and gain more time in front of your customers.

In order to improve your Fran time by just a few seconds, it requires a lot of effort. But, is that effort bringing any major gain? In the same way, complex software with a few more features requires more work than simple software that solves specific issues. The question is whether the additional capabilities are adding value to your business? Only you can answer that.

At the end of the day, you need to know yourself. If and when you do, you’ll be able to intentionally decide on your operational scaling and you’ll be happier about running your business. Oh, and remember, when the business evolves, so can you. It’s called scaling.


Megan Welch is  the sales manager at CF Dashboard. To contact Megan, call 714.612.3380 or email