The Rise of Video Marketing


Real-time content drives a lot of conversation on social media. Video marketing and livestreaming can take your in-house marketing to a completely new level. In a recent study done by Tubular Insights, they found consumers spend around six hours per week watching video content on social media. More importantly, 46 percent of consumers said they’ve made a purchase as a result of watching a brand video, and 67 percent of respondents said they watch more video on social media than they did a year ago.

Those numbers should be making you run to your Box and start filming right away. But what content is the right content? You shouldn’t just be filming to get videos posted, especially if they have no thought-out process behind them. Here are three styles of videos you should be posting on your social media platforms to create a conversation in the community about your business.

Behind the Scenes

People don’t want to be consumers on social media, they want to be participants. By filming a behind-the-scenes look around your Box you are making the unique visitors that have never been to your Box feel like a member. You should be making this video as genuine and comfortable as possible, make sure everyone involved is their true self and not putting on a show just because a camera is around. This is the best way to get a potential client to understand the tone of your business.

Sagmeister & Walsh, a New York City creative agency, is a great example for producing behind-the-scenes content. It streams real-time footage of the office to the website every day. Viewers can see what is happening in the office and feel part of the creative process.

Q&A Sessions

A Q&A session on video is a great way to make your business seem accessible. You can address any concerns or doubts your viewers may have or educate them about your gym. For those intimidated by the word ‘CrossFit,’ this is a great way to debunk the myths and prove you know your stuff.

Medium, a publishing platform, invites their users to tweet questions with the hashtag #askmedium and they are almost immediately replied to in a real-time video response. By adding that human element of you, or one of your staff members, actually responding in real-time and unfiltered, you are already making a larger impact than an email reply would.

Live Events

This one is huge in the CrossFit community. Sharing an event, like your most recent in-house competition, will make your online community feel like they are there, increasing the connection and loyalty they feel to your Box. Remember to engage with the audience and reply to their comments or questions.

Four Barrel CrossFit in New Albany, Indiana, recently made good use of this technique at their Kentuckiana’s Fittest competition. They went on Facebook Live during the final WODs of the competition to stir up buzz and excitement for people not able to make it to the Box that day. They responded to their viewers and were able to keep the energy alive even outside of the gym.

Kaitlyn is a staff writer for Peake Media. Contact her at