RipFix: The Perfect Solution to CrossFit Hands


RipFix has launched a new website,, where CrossFit Affiliates can sign up to become wholesale vendors.

Search for #crossfithands on most social media outlets and you will find thousands of pictorials of people proudly holding up their “warrior wounds,” also known as rips. Hand rips in the CrossFit world have become a rite of passage, but what CrossFitters come to find out quickly is that injured, torn hands are not fun; they are painful and they interfere with their WOD.

This is where RipFix steps in. RipFix is not only an amazingly quick rip remedy but when used daily, along with a pumice stone, it is a great preventative and maintenance tool-helping your hands stay primed for your sport. RipFix is owned and operated by a former gymnast/CrossFitter who teaches hand care on the CrossFit circuit and knows that you can only perform to your highest ability if you are healthy.

“RipFix is not just for when you rip. It’s for daily hand maintenance,” said Robin Ribeiro, founder of RipFix. “There is a huge difference between a healthy callus and an unhealthy callus. The minute you see the skin hardening and there is discoloration it means it’s time to file those calluses down. You are going to have calluses, but they should be pliable. Moisturizing and treating your calluses should be a nightly ritual”

Every Box should carry hand care, and now becoming a vendor and ordering are done directly on our site. It’s quick and easy. Join the RipFix community and get free shipping on your first case.