Rhino CrossFit is Part of the Power Systems Family

Power Systems

You won’t find many people who say they love exercise equipment, but Julie Johnston is one of them.

As the owner and founder of Camp Rhino, home of Rhino CrossFit, she has been in the fitness industry for years. So, she knows how important quality fitness equipment is. In 2004, her first order was from Power Systems. And when she met Josh Goldman of Power Systems, she was blown away by his passion, enthusiasm and amazing team.

“When [Josh and I] reconnected over Spartan Racing a few months after meeting, he invited me to the Power Systems headquarters and I said yes without even knowing what we would be doing,” said Johnston. “It ended up being one of the best weekends ever, with product development meetings, problem solving and fitness training. I knew without a doubt I wanted to be part of the Power Systems family.”

Now as part of that family, Johnston shares why she loves partnering with Power Systems, why she loves their equipment and what other Affiliate owners should know:

BP: What products of theirs do you use? Why?

JJ: I have two gyms and am working on a third that will be completely equipped with Power Systems products. We use everything from dumbbells and barbells to vault boxes and 2-in-1 flip plyos. We love to host obstacle course racing classes using their sandbags, boxes, slam balls, core hammers, hurdles, agility ladders and mega slam balls. I had no idea I could not only equip my entire bootcamp section, but I could also equip my entire CrossFit section through them.

BP: What benefits have you seen from this partnership for your business? For your members?

JJ: They may not know it, but Power Systems pushes me outside of my comfort zone and challenges me to be better. I get to write blog posts about owning a gym, and each time I complete a post I feel like I have an epiphany about my business as I am writing. Power Systems brings people together with a common purpose: to make the world a healthier, better place. My members get to enjoy not only the newest Power Systems equipment, but also the new exercises and routines I learn from my fellow Power Systems Master Coaches. Bennie Wylie, Yancy Culp and PJ Stahl are some of the best coaches I’ve ever met, and we continue to feed off each other. I am so thankful for Power Systems for bringing us together.

BP: What has pleasantly surprised you about your partnership?

JJ: I’ve been pushing myself outside my comfort zone my whole life, but Power Systems has pushed me even further. They not only challenge me, but they lead by example and are constantly innovating and asking the tough questions when it comes to inventing and manufacturing new equipment. I had no idea I would get to offer my opinion on something I love so much – fitness equipment

BP: Is there anything else the Affiliate owner should know?

JJ: The biggest thing Affiliate owners should know is Power Systems is there to help. They will help you solve gym organization problems and will even help you design your next gym. They have the first slam ball we’ve ever used that didn’t have to be replaced within a year, which is just a small example of a problem Affiliate owners have that they solved. My Coaches all commented on the superior quality of their products when we first started ordering our Rhino CrossFit equipment from them. I’m so happy to be partnered with Power Systems.


Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.