Box Pro Product Review: StrongerRX LT15 Gloves


Grips, grips, grips. They are everywhere and in every shape, size and color you can imagine.

So when I was sent a pair of StrongerRX’s LT15 gloves to try, I was anxious to get them on my hands for 30 days. I love trying new grips to see how they help my workouts and what they can do to keep my hands from ripping.

I hadn’t heard of StrongerRX’s gloves prior to trying them, but one of the most intriguing features is not even on the glove itself. StrongerRX offers a Forever Gloves Program with its LT15s, which is unlike any other grip I’ve seen out on the market today. Any time your gloves rip, tear and need to be replaced, StrongerRX will send you a new pair! I haven’t personally used the process of replacing my gloves, but I think it’s an incredible idea.

Alright, so how did they perform in the workout? I have a few different points I’d like to address based on the claims you see on StrongerRX’s website:

  • Ventilation/Keeps Hands Cool: One of the best parts of the gloves was the fact they covered my hands completely and I didn’t feel like my palms ever overheated. Of course, it gets a little warmer than having your hands bare, but it never reached the uncomfortable level. I could wear them through the entire workout, and while it was weird at first simply to wear gloves during a WOD, I still felt like my hands were kept mostly cool.
  • Reduces Hand Fatigue: Because of the full hand coverage, I am able to hang onto the rig longer. I did chalk the outside of my gloves at first, because they were a little slippery on the rig, but since then they’ve helped me maintain a better hold on the bar, for the most part. Sometimes you just can’t do any more Toes-to-Bar!
  • Saves Your Hands: My hands never ripped in the gloves while I wore them. I even had some calluses that were just itching to break open, but they never did. It is full hand protection, covering every inch of your palm and fingers. For instance, that full protection was beneficial when I ripped the skin on my thumb while Snatching without the LT15s. I wore them the next day when we had more Snatches, and even with the tender spot, I barely felt the ripped skin. Plus, it didn’t tear any more.
  • Touch screen compatible: The gloves do work with your touch screen devices, but you have to make sure you are hitting the screen in just the right way. But the ability to wear the glove and check your last Fran time in your WOD tracking software is pretty nifty.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at