Renaissance Periodization Gym Challenges


Have you ever tried to diet by yourself or with a partner? Notice the difference? When you have someone else “in the trenches” with you, it can truly be a game changer. Our Renaissance Periodization (RP) Gym Challenges involve a group of members from the same gym deciding to do a 90-day RP diet together. The gym receives everything they need from us to explain the process to their members and to get people excited about jumping onboard the Challenge. Once 15 members are interested, we assign a unique discount code to that gym, which allows their members to purchase diet templates directly from us at a discount. The gym determines the start date and winner(s) selection process. The gyms we’ve worked with have had various ways of selecting a winner, including letting all of the participants vote to agree on the challenge winner(s). It’s as easy as that. Gyms have had great success with our challenges – members supporting each other and cheering each other on, helping each other reach their goals and transform their bodies.