Regenerators in Action


The week of December 28, 2015 – January 1, 2016, Affiliate Charlie Sims challenged his members to an “outside of the Box” program.

Regenerators in Action Program was borrowed from CrossFit Catalyst’s program, Fit it Forward. Sims molded the idea for his Box’s community and culture, CrossFit Regeneration in Louisville, Kentucky. The idea was for members to be challenged to five days of serving the greater community of Louisville. “Overall, the purpose of the project up to Day 5 is to take some clouds out of the city. Let’s make the city a little more bright. People who have no connection to our gym besides our people. They may never walk through these doors, that person at the coffee shop, they may never hear of our gym, and I’m OK with that because they’re happier,” said Sims.

The first day of the program, Sims had a member of the Box design a photo all members could use as their Facebook profile picture so he would know who was participating in Regenerators in Action. Then, at the beginning of each day, Sims posted the challenge to the group’s community Facebook page. The challenges were:

Day 1: Buy a cup of coffee for a stranger
Day 2: Genuinely thank five people
Day 3: Give away hugs
Day 4: Expose excellence
Day 5: Teach someone how to do a proper squat

Without Chris Cooper, the Affiliate of Catalyst CrossFit and business mentor at 321GoProject, Sims said 250 cups of coffee would not have been bought for the community of Louisville. “I don’t have that [creative] idea. I mean, to be honest, like, I don’t have any real creative things that come from me. I think I have some, but it’s unrefined and it’s untested. So for somebody like him, who he gets these ideas, refines them, tests them, shows that they’re worth doing, he’s done all the hard work. Now it’s just me taking and implementing it appropriately to our community,” Sims said.

Sims has used Cooper as a mentor for almost 2.5 years, which is more than half the time CrossFit Regeneration has been open. Thinking back to days “pre-Chris Cooper,” Sims said people were still excited about the Coaches and the gym, but were leaving without giving reasons. Having a mentor has helped him focus on the correct priorities for his business.

And though he happened upon Cooper by his book, “Two-Brain Business,” Sims said before deciding on mentor, he looked around at various business consulting services. Ultimately, he chose a mentor whose business he would like to emulate. “[Chris] always asks ‘what is a mentor worth to us?’ Is it worth the price of a new rower… [which] is what I’m paying for a mentor. But I’d rather have that than another rower. And a lot of the companies he says he talks to are like, ‘that’s too expensive.’ But I think that’s a bargain … because it’s already paid for itself multiple times,” said Sims.

And though the Regenerators in Action Program was borrowed from another Box, Sims said if another gym’s idea is a good fit for your Box, do it. He encouraged Affiliates to not avoid certain programs simply because another Box is doing the same program. After all, according to Sims, we all do Fran.

Hayli Goode is the former digital editor for Peake Media.