Recovery Protein that Actually Helps You Recover

recovery protein

We all know recovery is important, and many athletes reach for a protein supplement post-workout to help their muscles recover. While that may help them feel better, it doesn’t address the body’s deeper needs after an intense workout. There are plenty of “recovery” products claiming to help an athlete get back to optimal performance, but most only look at muscle building and forget about the larger picture.

Intense workouts put the body into a low energy state, and in order to bounce back, restoring cellular energy needs to be addressed. SFH RECOVER addresses recovery at a comprehensive level, thanks to added supplementation which can be broken down into four packages: ATP Restoration, Muscle Building, Joint Health and Cardio Fitness.

The ATP Restoration package addresses cellular recovery, with carnitine and ribose working to replenish and rebuild ATP stores within the cells. ATP is the energy powerhouse and helps with just about every physical process within the body. Together, carnitine and ribose may improve cellular metabolism and improve the body’s ability to utilize fat as fuel.

When it comes to muscle building, RECOVER delivers nearly three total grams of leucine to enhance protein synthesis. Added creatine works to restore cellular energy, which in turn stimulates the growth of lean muscle mass.

RECOVER uses Fruitex-B®, an allergen free, fast-acting joint health supplement that helps to improve joint mobility and flexibility. While popular joint health supplements like glucosamine must be taken for long periods of time to show any benefit, Fruitex-B has been shown in clinical trials to improve short term joint discomfort quickly . Fruitex-B®’s benefits may begin appearing in as little as seven days when taken consistently.

Finally, SFH RECOVER includes 500 milligrams of CoQ10 for increased cardio stamina. CoQ10 improves the heart’s ability to produce energy, which improves cardio fitness and provides valuable antioxidant protection.

SFH RECOVER expands the science of recovery beyond protein to make sure you’re training to become stronger, faster and healthier. The new formula, an updated improvement of SFH’s previous recovery protein, will be available in late September.

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