Recording with Juliet Starrett


It was 8:30 a.m. as I hopped in the Uber that had pulled up to the front door of my hotel.

The driver looked at the address I had shared on the app and asked, “San Francisco CrossFit?”

“Yes, that’s correct,” I replied. Then we were off, winding through the streets and hills of the city. It wasn’t long before the Golden Gate Bridge came into view and I was exiting the car to meet with Juliet Starrett.

Since the 2014 cover story of San Francisco CrossFit, I’ve known Juliet and emailed her probably more times than you could count. She’s been a huge help in terms of blogs, support and teaching me about the industry, whether she knew it or not. As the moderator for Box Pro’s 2016 Leadership Summit, Juliet had agreed to meet with me to go over roundtable topics and record a podcast. So I flew up to San Francisco and made my way over to her Box, located a hop, skip and a jump away from the Presidio.

We sat down in the front lobby around a makeshift recording studio and Juliet let me ask her questions for 45 minutes about San Francisco CrossFit, MobilityWOD, the Starrett’s latest book “Deskbound” and everything in between.

What always impresses me about Juliet Starrett is her honesty. She was open about how San Francisco CrossFit started as a mere hobby out of a shipping container. She shared how producing daily videos for MobilityWOD is incredibly difficult, and that when they first started, the only way to learn how to store video content effectively was by visiting porn sites. She dove headfirst into the topic of sitting versus standing, and the disastrous effects sitting is having on today’s world.

She’s even convinced me to invest in a standing desk.

All in all, Juliet got real in the episode of Box Talk we recorded. That’s all I can ask of Affiliates. Check out the podcast with the CEO of San Francisco CrossFit and realize how impacting it can be to share your story.

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