When You Realize Your Active Lifestyle Could Really Pay Off

active lifestyle

It’s that “aha moment”… the moment when you realize “I’ve always been active.” Your definition of active may vary, but if you’ve been healthy and active your whole life, there is good news!

If you are active, according to the CDC you are at lower risk of these health problems:

  • Being overweight.
  • Cardiovascular disease. An active heart is more likely to remain a healthy heart.
  • Type 2 Diabetes. Caused by weight gain due to poor diet and lack of exercise.
  • Metabolic syndrome. Too much fat around the waist, high blood pressure, low HDL cholesterol, high triglycerides or high blood sugar.
  • Some cancers. CDC research shows that we have a lower risk of colon and breast cancers than people who are not active.
  • Hip fractures. As we age, bones become more brittle.
  • Arthritis. Two to three hours of activity a week can help maintain mobility and alleviate arthritis pain. Less pain means more activity, and more activity increases lifespan.

Active People Live Longer

In a 2016 survey, just over 1,000 “CrossFitters” from 11 Boxes across the country said this:

  • Most are 25 to 44 years of age, the primary years of life insurance need.
  • 73 percent are married or co-habitating; people in meaningful relationships tend to live longer.
  • 94 percent have at least some college; educated people tend to live longer.
  • 88 percent make more than $50,000 a year; financially stable people tend to live longer.
  • 73 percent of CrossFitters categorize themselves as “lifelong actives,” and lifelong actives live longer, healthier lives.

Not only does exercise increase our longevity, but we commonly have other characteristics that correlate to longer, healthier lives. However, active and healthy people “subsidize society,” typically paying for more than they use.

What Rewards You for Your Healthy Lifestyle?

Health Savings Accounts: By moving to a high deductible health insurance plan, we lower the cost of our premiums dramatically. By placing the premium savings in an HSA, we keep what we don’t receive in out-of-pocket reimbursements, saving us money.

Life Insurance: Applying for life insurance involves a detailed examination of our personal health, lifestyle and other risk factors. For “life-long actives,” we will likely be evaluated as a superior risk due to our lifestyle and health, saving us money.

Annuities: In simple terms, annuities pay you until you die. If we live longer than the average person, then we will receive funds that are beyond what we paid into the annuity, literally making us money.

This makes annuities a good “risk” for lifelong actives, as we are more often than not going to receive more payouts from an annuity than we’ve funded through investment(s).*The actual pricing and payment of an annuity can be much more sophisticated. This illustration should only be used to understand the basic manner in which annuities work.

Work Hard. Be Rewarded.

Take pride in your fitness! We stand to live longer, healthier lives. Reward yourself by saving money on your insurance.


By Todd Seabaugh, an Affiliate holder for CrossFit St. Louis and blogger at fitlifecovered.com. Reach him at todd@crossfitstl.com.