Are You Ready for the Open?

Is your Box ready for the Open?I’ve never entered the Open and I don’t know if I’ll enter the Open this year, but I can certainly tell you that the hype is real. I feel the energy from every inch of the Box I attend: from the Affiliate – a regionals competitor herself – to all the Coaches working on skills to better their position from last year. Even if they aren’t competing, everyone is talking about the Open.

I’ve never been part of something that felt so cool and engaging in my life. I guess it sort of reminds me of opening games when I played sports as a kid, but instead of my small town getting excited, there is a whole world getting ready for this to happen.

With that in mind, have you started getting your Box ready? Certainly you won’t know what is about to come at your member/athletes, but how can you prepare them for what could be around the corner?

What we hear from CrossFit in terms of the best way to prepare for the Open and the Games is to do CrossFit. With that in mind, we are all certainly doing CrossFit, but there are so many concepts of CrossFit that will come into play during the Open that you truly need to dig into your box of WOD tricks.

One idea I’ve heard from some Coaches and Box owners is to prepare by running through the WODs from previous Opens. This provides your members and athletes to prepare on actual Open systems that have been used.

Second, you can look at the concepts used from those open WODs to generate ones like them. For example, 14.1 was 30 Double Unders and Power Snatches (75/55 pounds). One of the AMRAPs at CrossFit Bluegrass in Louisville, Kentucky recently was 40 Double Unders and Power Snatches (95/65 pounds). These types of WODs prepare your members because if they enter into an Open WOD that’s similar but 20 pounds lighter, they will be able to hustle a lot faster and achieve more reps.

Finally, the Open gives you time to discuss success and moving forward with your members. Sometimes members find themselves stuck in scaled exercises. They spend the vast majority of the year scaling and forget to ever challenge themselves. Reminding members that not all things will have scalability will push them to make attempts. For example, although there is a scaled version of the Open this year, one of the exercises that may not be scaled could be Singles for Double Unders. Although this scale is used quite frequently, many of your members may be ready to move forward into the doubles, but they just haven’t been encouraged. Use this Open time to encourage their forward progress.

This is going to be a great Open season. The WODs out there are already exciting and you can definitely feel the buzz throughout the entire community. What are some of the tips you have from your Box on preparing for the Open? Give me some insight below in the comments section and you might get a shout out on Twitter or Facebook!

Tyler is a former editor of Box Pro Magazine.