Re-validating Your Level 1

Re-validate Level 1

This year 2015 marked the fifth year of coaching CrossFit for Moira Fauth. So, the trainer at CrossFit Regeneration in Louisville, Kentucky, recently re-validated her Level 1 Trainer Certificate.

As the CrossFit HQ guidelines require, every five years a Level 1 Trainer in the industry must re-validate his or her certificate. The guidelines to the credentials state a person who is re-validating a Level 1 Trainer Certificate must re-attend two full days of lessons and lectures, and pass the final exam again.

Fauth took her course in early November at CrossFit Mayhem in Cookeville, Tennessee. “Beyond being necessary to continue as a CrossFit Trainer, I found it to be a great refresher course,” said Fauth. “Getting back to the basics, the virtuosity of coaching.”

She explained how the course differed from the first time she had taken it. “The first time was a little overwhelming, as it was a lot of information at one time,” said Fauth. “After five years — almost four years as a trainer — I returned with a better filter. I was able to process the lectures and movements much better. After building a good foundation, I could fine-tune my skills.”

Since her first Level 1 course, Fauth said she realized the lectures had evolved. She explained they contained new information on the most effective training/coaching techniques. “They were also stressing to keep in mind your individual athlete, and what works for one may not work for another,” she said.

For example, the nutrition lecture was less focused on Paleo, like it had been in the past. It involved comparing the similarities and differences between what is recommended and Paleo. “It seems CrossFit is stepping away from Paleo, in favor of more whole food starches, stating that they have found many athletes do better with the addition of legumes, potatoes, etc.,” said Fauth.

In terms of preparation for the course, Fauth simply reviewed the updated study guide, which she said was also a good refresher.

Overall, revalidating her Level 1 Trainer Certificate was not only necessary but beneficial to Fauth. “The experience has helped me focus and recharge my coaching battery,” she said. “Regardless of other specialty courses I plan to add, I feel better prepared for the next five years.”

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