Q&A: Partnering with Hedstrom


Casey Stutzman is the owner at The Performance Locker in Alpena, Michigan, where he shares his passion and knowledge for functional and movement-based training with the community. He travels North America as a Master Trainer for TRX, Ignite 360, BOSU and the Surge, teaching seminars and workshops to help other fitness professionals increase their knowledge and skill set. Stutzman answered questions about working with Hedstrom and the Surge:

Why did you partner with Hedstrom?

I really appreciate unique and innovated pieces of fitness equipment. It is very exciting as a trainer to come across something that unlocks a whole new world of programing for my clients. My experience with Hedstrom has shown me they are a company who is passionate for discovering and developing functional fitness tools that are one of a kind. They seek to meet the needs of fitness professionals by developing tools that help us best prepare people for life and sport, filling needs in the market that are not currently being fulfilled. In a world where we see lots of “knock off” and “gimmicky” fitness products, it is refreshing to see someone who is really looking at the needs of trainers and creating fitness tools with true function and purpose.

What have been the benefits of the partnership to your business?

I would say the biggest thing is the network of professionals I have been fortunate enough to work with and learn from through my connections with Hedstrom. Hedstrom has a cadre of giants in the industry – professionals who have been at the top of their game for years in fitness and performance. The opportunity to collaborate, learn and receive feedback from such a talented group of individuals have been invaluable for my business

What have been the benefits of the partnership to your members?

The biggest benefit to my members has been having access to Hedstrom’s powerful training tools like the Surge, BOSU balance trainer, BOSU ballast ball and Kamagon ball. These tools are so effective because they provide members with feedback on their own movements. Our clients have progressed much faster since they are able to feel what their body is doing in space and are forced to make corrections when they lose positon or stability. When they get to feel that feedback for themselves, it makes it their movement opposed to me cuing them to death to get them to perform “my movement.”

Is there anything about working with Hedstrom that has pleasantly surprised you?

They really listen to the end users of all their products and are constantly striving to make these tools the best. Everybody at the company I have had the pleasure of getting to know has a hand on the pulse of the market and end user. They are extremely open to feedback and constantly striving to put the best possible product on the market.

What would you like Affiliates to know about partnering with Hedstrom?

Bringing Hedstrom fitness tools into your Box will help Coaches develop effective programing for each and every WOD. If it’s a squat heavy — load or volume — day, we can use the Surge or BOSU to dial in that pattern before we load it or perform it under extreme fatigue. For individuals who are still working to own various movements, like the squat, they provide a powerful alternative to the RX so members can practice proper performance of the squat opposed to banging out a ton of mindless reps. I know for me and my clients the name of the game is improved performance and reduced risk of injury. Hedstrom’s tools help me effectively check both of those boxes — pun intended.

Casey Stutzman

Casey Stutzman

Hedstrom Fitness is the licensed manufacturer and worldwide distributor of BOSU®, Kamagon® and Surge® branded products.