Q&A: Partnering with GetBrothed

Caroline Skelly, the owner of CrossFit Edwardsville, shares her experience with GetBrothed and how her business has benefited from the partnership.

Why did you partner with GetBrothed?

As a Box owner, we are always on the lookout for the highest quality nutrition options for our athletes. Many of our athletes do not function well on whey, soy, dairy, gluten or grains. Unfortunately, most of the protein on the market contains these allergens which leads to bloating, gut issues, nutrient deficiencies and skin issues just to name a few problems we have seen. We were looking for some new news in the protein world – something that we could actually get behind, support in our Box and feel confident in offering to our athletes, and along came Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein! Plus, it was encouraging to see a Games athlete – Elly Kabboord – using the same protein we are offering to our athletes.

What have been the benefits of the partnership?

One of the most powerful things about Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein is that it is a whole food protein source that contains nutrients missing in our diets. Our bodies need amino acids, collagen, glucosamine, chondroitin and hyaluronic acid to support our joints, ligaments and connective tissue. Other protein sources don’t target these vital components of our health. We have seen so many injuries – and we believe they could be caused by a nutrient deficiency. Our grandmas used to boil bones for hours, making nutrient dense bone broth. In our fast-paced society today, that just isn’t happening – especially for our athletes who want to be in the Box instead of at home tending to their broth. The components of bone broth protein simply aren’t contained in a whey, soy or vegan protein.

Is there anything about working with GetBrothed that has pleasantly surprised you?

GetBrothed has been a breath of fresh air to work with. I feel they actually get the CrossFit world and are there to help the athletes and Box owners. The customer service team is fun and easy to work with and I feel they have a strong desire to see our Box and athletes succeed. They sent us super cool GetBrothed shirts for our athletes and even offered to sponsor our next event, which we really appreciated. We have been more than impressed with our partnership and can’t wait until the Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Muscle and Bone Broth Thermo formulations are released next month.
The team at GetBrothed are CrossFitters themselves, so it was apparent right from the start they want to listen and had a passion for our businesses. They have been transparent, positive and have values that we are proud to be associated with. I’m confident that this team will continue to only release products that will benefit our athletes. We hear “GetBrothed!” said in our gym numerous times each day which tells me they are creating a fun environment and community around the brand.
And I haven’t even mentioned that the formulator of Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein, Jordan Rubin, has created some of the highest quality nutritional supplements on the market for over 20 years. Jordan is a New York Times best selling author of “The Maker’s Diet”  and founder of Garden of Life. Bottom line is that GetBrothed offered us more benefits than anything we have seen in the CrossFit world.

For more information, visit www.GetBrothed.com.