Q&A: Partnering with Front Desk

Front Desk

Lindsey Marcelli, the owner of CrossFit Eminence in Thornton, Colorado, spoke about partnering with Front Desk and how her business is benefiting from the partnership:

Why did you partner with Front Desk?

Front Desk offered everything we wanted and is always offering the latest and greatest. It was incredibly user-friendly. Our main goal was to have a system that was easy to teach our Coaches, so they can be self sufficient, as well as our members.

What have been the benefits of the partnership to your business and members?

The member profile page and ability to contact members by adding personal notes has been huge in retention. Adding classes, courses and bills has never been easier. Our entire business is set up automatically in regards to billing and such, and the process is easy.

What would you like Affiliates to know about partnering with Front Desk?

The main thing is switching software is a daunting task, but Front Desk made it very easy to switch, offered hands-on training for my staff, and has always been right there to answer any questions or take any feedback. We weren’t happy before and now our business is running very efficiently. The partners Front Desk brings on has also helped our business. We now work with Train Heroic, recently had a free trial for advertising and have other opportunities that Front Desk offers. Although you sign up with Front Desk, it is more than just one company. I can’t say enough good things, but I guess you just need to find out for yourself.

For more information about Front Desk, visit frontdeskhq.com.