Q&A: Partnering with Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens

Justin Emmons, the owner of CrossFit Bartlett in Memphis, Tennessee, shares his experience of partnering with Athletic Greens in his business:

Why did you partner with Athletic Greens?

We were exposed to Athletic Greens quite a few years ago when they came out. I first read about them in an article from Tim Ferris. I ordered the product retail and loved them. I felt great when I took them; it was a noticeable difference when I did or didn’t take it. I loved the ingredients too and considered it nutritional insurance. At the time I approached them about offering it wholesale so that I could sell it to our members and they didn’t offer that as an option.

Fast forward several years, and Athletic Greens actually reached out to us to see if we were still interested in offering it to our members. I was over the moon happy that this was an option and promptly signed up.  It was about five years of waiting, but I was very excited that it was now an option to improve the health of our members.

What have been the benefits of the partnership to your business?

Any product that I offer retail in my gym is either something I currently take, or something I would take if my situation needed it. I research and hand pick very specific products. Our members are going to buy supplements anyway. It’s our goal to put the best stuff on the market on our shelves so if they are going to buy something, we want to be able to offer high quality products to them and be able to provide guidance in their health.

Of course, we make some margins on the products, but we carry products in order to provide a service for our members.

What have been the benefits of the partnership to your members?

As I said before, our members’ health is our primary concern. They are going to take supplements regardless, so if we can have input and guidance on what they take to make sure they are taking high-quality stuff that will positively affect their health, that’s a win. Of course as a business, it’s nice that they are spending their money with you. It’s a win-win situation.  The clients feel good that they are getting quality products. They also feel good that they are supporting small business, specifically their gym/community they love, and the business owner wins because they are making another revenue stream to help improve the business.

Is there anything about working with Athletic Greens that has pleasantly surprised you?

Their customer service is phenomenal. They strive very hard to keep us extremely happy.  They are constantly surprising and delighting us with samples of new products. They care about their customers and they take care of their vendors. It’s obvious in everything they do.

What would you like other Affiliates to know about partnering with Athletic Greens?

Athletic Greens will take care of you. If you have an issue communicate with them; they will make it right. They genuinely care about their customers, they care about their vendors and they provide an exceptional product. You cannot go wrong with working with this company.

Athletic Greens is offering a free sample shipment. Visit this link to claim your free sample shipment.