Q&A on Freakin’ CrossFit’s Nutrition Program

Freakin' CrossFit

Javier Milian, the head nutrition manager at Freakin’ CrossFit in Pembroke Pines, Florida, explains all there is to know about the Box’s nutrition program.  

BP: Describe your nutrition program at Freakin’ CrossFit.

JM: Our nutrition program was started out of Freakin’ CrossFit but is actually completely online-based. This allows us to not just help members but also anyone out there looking for remote nutrition coaching. We utilize a habit-based/flexible dieting approach that helps meet people where they are at. It is completely custom to the individual and their goals. We have weekly check-ins, a private Facebook group, and a Coach who is always available to enhance accountability and consistency.

BP: Why do you have that nutrition program?

JM: Our style of coaching at Freakin’ CrossFit with the incorporation of macro-based plans allows for clients to have a nice balance of results and enjoyment of life. Most diets are too restrictive to the point it leads to the “all-or-nothing” mentality approach to dieting. Instead, we encourage our clients to continue living their life and enjoying social situations while making a commitment to a healthy lifestyle. We want to arm our members with the ability to always make the best choices for their health, performance and physique while not feeling restricted.

BP: How has your program evolved?

JM: We just made a year, so we are constantly evolving as we learn more about our clients and their needs. We started with simple summary check-ins and macronutrient calculations. We have now evolved into more structured check-ins, adapting to client needs faster, more communication and much more resources. Our YouTube channel has been growing steadily and our email communication has been a way to answer client questions before they come up through our “Freakin’ Quick Tips” video series.

BP: How do you get members to buy-in to your nutrition program/offerings?

JM: It starts with being genuine. From the beginning, we let them know we aren’t looking for “quick fixes” and instead want this to be a lifestyle. I think everyone knows the value of good nutrition so we don’t have to sell them on that. They just need to know you genuinely care about their results as much as they do.

Besides genuinely caring about your clients, results do the talking. We took a few Coaches and friends on for free, built up a portfolio of transformations and that got the ball rolling.

BP: How do you let members know about your nutrition program/offerings?

JM: Content creation and educating has been big for us. Whether it’s giving a seminar for free or creating an infographic or video on YouTube, we are constantly trying to help people learn how to make better daily choices. This has helped us gain exposure to not just our members but people outside our community. Every now and then we will announce openings in our program or specials.

BP: How do you grow your nutrition program/offerings?

JM: Results, results, results. Sure, results take time but people need to know it works. If it works then you will see growth, because there is nothing more impactful than a transformation picture. Besides this, we do a lot of content creation like I mentioned above. We have also helped a few elite athletes along their way to Regionals.

The one thing we are working on now is growing our email list and providing more free YouTube content. Our goal is to be the authority on balancing a healthy lifestyle with a social life and having room for some “fun” without the guilt. Too many times people feel the need to start a diet on Monday because they’re going to go out one last time or have one last cheat meal. That’s not what we want. No need to give up any of those things.

BP: What advice would you give other Affiliates when it comes to growing their nutrition program/offerings?

JM: Start as soon as possible. So many people out there are lost when it comes to nutrition. If they’ve made it to your Affiliate, they’re already halfway to improving their health. The nutrition piece is all that’s missing. Another tip is to make sure whoever leads the program is educated. A certification from a respectable nutrition coaching company should suffice. The goal should be to continue to educate people on proper eating habits and balance as opposed to restrictive eating plans. Last, coach a few clients for free and build a foundation for your program’s success.  

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.