Q&A on Balance in Life and Work


Balance between life and work is often not easy. And it is more difficult if you own a gym. Box Pro chatted with Steve Owens, the co-founder and vice president of CrossFit Knoxville, about his balancing act.

 Box Pro: Why is balancing life and work important for your business?

Steve Owens: I feel the balancing of work and life is extremely important for overall health. We have been in business for seven years and I have had my moments where the passion fades slightly. As a gym owner, you are coaching up to 25 classes a week as well as all the other associate business duties. So days are long and then you turn around and do it again the next day. Without balance, you can start to get burned out.

BP: How have you gone about doing this? Do you make a priority list or use any sort of tool?

SO: I really love helping people every way possible, so I have done a couple things to help me not feel burned out. First, I start each day with a list of five things that are a priority for the day. I compile this list the night before, based on what is happening for the week, month, etc. When I get through the list that day, I’m finished and write out a list of what I want to accomplish tomorrow. This keeps me on track and keeps me ahead of anything that needs to be done. I have found that if the list is too long, only bits and pieces of each task gets accomplished.

I have also started another business in personal development. It is a blog and video series that help people chase their passions and gives them a road map to do that as well. I find having something else that I’m passionate about to work on gives me renewed energy everyday as I attack each business. Of course, to succeed in any business, it comes down to work ethic and execution. So my days are long, but they are spent focusing on separate projects at times. Most of my second business, www.learnorwin.com, is worked on during the morning hours of the weekends.

BP: How do you say no to things? How do you determine when to say no to other tasks or projects?

SO: Saying no is always a tough thing, but how it is done is by lining it up with your current priorities. I love writing blogs and I have done several for Box Pro. The problem came up when blogging for BP didn’t line up with my current situation and I needed to step away. This doesn’t mean you can’t come back to what you said no to; it just means you don’t have the time for the obligation now.

BP: Why can doing less help your business?

SO: Doing less for me would mean stepping out of coaching in the future to be able to focus on the business side more. No owner is going to want to do this because this is why he or she started the business in the first place. Unfortunately, as a business grows, it becomes more evident that time must be spent in areas that keep the business functioning. I would like an even split if possible because getting out of the coaching game entirely is not going to work.

BP: How do you share your workload with others?

SO: I will delegate certain smaller duties to other Coaches and employees of the business. I have been able to trust the people that work for us. They are in the position they are in because we believe in what they know and can do.

BP: Anything else to add?

SO: I just want to add that separating your life from the business at times is very important. Take a few hours a week to do something you love to do that gets your mind off the business. Also, take small weekend trips at times to do the same.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.