Q&A: Partnering with Go Fan Yourself

Go Fan Yourself

Owners Jeb Simmons and Megan Zechel of CrossFit Fort Atkinson share their experience with Go Fan Yourself:

BP: Why did you partner with Go Fan Yourself?

JS & MZ: We knew we needed a fan that generated enough airflow in our large space so we had been looking at a handful of companies. We always love to support local companies, which Go Fan Yourself is near us. Brian, our rep, was great and easy to work with so it was a simple decision for us.

BP: What have been the benefits of the partnership to your business?

JS & MZ: Brian checks in every couple months to make sure everything is going well, so the support has been great. The air circulation is perfect in our large space and it kicks quite a punch if we need it to on our hot days.

BP: What have been the benefits of the partnership to your members?

JS & MZ: Our members are always talking about the fan. You can feel it in every area you workout in. If we didn’t have the fan I’m pretty sure our clients would cry especially in our summers.

BP: Is there anything about working with Go Fan Yourself that has pleasantly surprised you?

JS & MZ: We didn’t have much expectation, however it’s been a pleasant surprise. The fan is easy to work, is the perfect size for our gym and Brian our rep has been wonderful to work with.

BP: What would you like other Affiliates to know about partnering with Go Fan Yourself?

JS & MZ: I would say absolutely go with Go Fan Yourself. It was a great size for our space and everything has been so easy between installation, customer service and use of the fan.


For more information on Go Fan Yourself, visit gofanyourself.com.