Q&A: CrossFit Nittany Partners with Athletic Greens

Bryan St. Andrews, the owner of CrossFit Nittany, shares about his experience partnering with Athletic Greens:

Why did you partner with Athletic Greens?

I am big believer in the idea that most Americans do not eat enough vegetables daily, and if I can recommend them one supplement that will go the farthest in keeping them healthy, improving their digestion and filling in the biggest gaps in their health, for most folks I would say that is a balanced greens supplement. Athletic Greens is the best in terms of purity, taste and effectiveness in my experience, so we are happy to have partnered with them.

What have been the benefits of the partnership to your business?

Athletic Greens provides us with a solution to a problem for a lot of members in terms of convenience and supplementing a healthy diet in the most complete way possible so we have very satisfied members. In terms of profitability, they allow us to buy in a way that makes it worth it for both us and them. That’s a true partnership.

What have been the benefits of the partnership to your members?

Gives us a premium line of Greens for members who are only shopping on quality.

Is there anything about working with Athletic Greens that has pleasantly surprised you?

Their level of service is top-notch and people are always anxious to go above and beyond for you. That is refreshing.

What would you like other Affiliates to know about partnering with Athletic Greens?

If Affiliates are looking to have the best greens supplement available for their members at a margin that makes it worth the investment of your resources, then Athletic Greens is a great choice.