The Pursuit of Education

The pursuit of education

There are constantly new certifications, seminars and trainings to pursue in CrossFit. It can be at times overwhelming for Coaches and owners to determine what education routes to spend their money on, but the important thing is to consistently be learning and not remaining stagnant in your education.

Ayo Falae, the head coach at Guerrilla Fitness in New Jersey, said when it comes to certifications for Coaches it is important to know what is applicable to your specific Box. If you have multiple students requesting more weightlifting classes, it might be time to look into getting more Coaches certified from an expert in that area, rather than just using a search engine online to get tips from.

“The Internet is a great directory for help, but I prefer to see someone in person who is an expert in that field,” said Falae. “They can give better guidance on how to do the move or how to teach others to do the move. In our field you have to be self-motivated to get an edge for yourself.”

Guerrilla Fitness determines what certifications for their Coaches to get based on how strong of feelings that Coach has toward the area. If you can clearly see someone is fired up about learning a new technique, it might be an inclination they should pursue that in an education.

“We have Coaches who have Strongman certifications, Weightlifting certifications and things along that line, but it has partially become based on interests of the Coach,” said Falae. “It turns into the Coaches wanting to become better at that skill to make it more valuable for our members. If you have a bigger toolbox there’s more for you to take out to share with others.”

Falae came from a personal training background before finding CrossFit. His first certification, even before his Level 1, was a certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). He promotes this certification for beginning Coaches as a method of learning more about the functions of the body.

“NASM gave me a tremendous background, even though their model is completely different than CrossFit, because it is just good to have a basic awareness of the body in general. Yes, the CrossFit certifications give you a good amount of that, but I think NASM gives people a better overall understanding.”

However, Falae said if you aren’t putting these certifications to use then you are wasting your money. “All the certifications don’t mean anything unless you are in the gym using them. If you aren’t practicing it, you aren’t going to get better,” he said.

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