Programming for Those Who Don’t Want to CrossFit

Programming variety could be beneficial.Not everyone wants to do CrossFit and Andy Thompson, the CrossFit Hollywood Affiliate, recognized this.

“We offer different programs to add complimentary/accessory work to our CrossFit program,” he explained.

Lift. Kardio. Burn. Yoga. Crossflow. Killer Abs. J Fit. CrossFit. Eight programs in all help crowd CrossFit Hollywood’s space, each with its own focus. For example, Lift is a specifically designed barbell program used to help familiarize athletes with Olympic/Power lifts.

Thompson explained many of these ideas come from other gyms’ programs he has seen, taking them and making them his own. Plus, several of his Coaches have brought ideas to the table. “I’m blessed to have very enthusiastic and extremely creative Coaches on my staff,” said Thompson. “CrossFit Hollywood is bigger than myself. I’m just trying to keep up.”

In terms of creating successful programming outside of normal CrossFit classes, Thompson offered up these five tips:

  1. Ask your members what they feel they are lacking in. Your members will tell you what they want. Then all you have to do is personalize it and put your flavor into it.
  2. Promote the heck out of the programs to your members. Use word of mouth and your Coaches to share about what’s available.
  3. Make the Coaches try it, or even program for it. This will encourage them to promote the class, helping make it more successful.
  4. Be ready to scrap it, and try something new. People like new stuff. Keep it fresh. Don’t be stuck in “one way.” Sometimes your fresh idea ends up tanking, and you’ll need to have a new concept ready to rock and roll right behind it.
  5. Niche marketing. Look at your demographic, and try something completely unique to your area.

Right now, most of CrossFit Hollywood’s programs are included in its membership packages. As the Box expands however, Thompson said he will be following NorCal CrossFit’s lead which does not include its extra programming in the regular membership.

In the end, the benefits of offering such a variety of programming has been tangible. “We’re able to give a more diverse crowd what they want,” said Thompson. “Not everyone wants to do CrossFit. Some people don’t want to lift barbells, and some people, all they want to do is lift barbells. It just helps us bring value to our Box, as well as stimulate the Coaches with a more challenging coaching environment.”

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at