Box Pro Product Review: AMRAP Nutrition Fish Oil

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Review performed by: Heather Hartmann

AMRAP Nutrition Fish Oil is a triglyceride form of fish oil, which I had to read about to understand the difference before I tested this product.

From my research, there are two different molecular forms of fish oil supplements: ones that contain synthetic ethyl ester and others that contain natural triglycerides. The differences of benefits between the two have yet to be solidified. However, based on a study by Douglas MacKay, ND “A Comparison of Synthetic Ethyl Ester Form Fish Oil vs. Natural Triglyceride Form,” preliminary studies have shown triglycerides absorb better than ethyl esters. This is important because it would mean the natural triglyceride form has the potential to be more efficiently metabolized and absorbed.

Triglycerides also occur naturally in the human diet and seem to be more resistant to oxidative damage — it’s been found that patients with neurodegenerative conditions typically have oxidized byproducts of polyunsaturated fatty acids (fish oil).

With that said, fish oil supplements in general have these benefits: decreasing muscle soreness, helping athletes recover faster, burn fat, slow muscle loss, etc. I took AMRAP Nutrition’s Fish Oil supplement for 30 days and found several results that I would like to share:

  • First, I had no “fish burps,” which are typically a common side effect of taking fish oil.
  • Second, my muscle soreness has seemed to decrease. Yes, I’m still tight after heavy deadlifts, but I’ve been surprised to wake up not as sore as I had been prior to taking the supplement.
  • Third, I saw an improvement in my recovery time. I train five-days a week, so by Friday my body can hurt pretty bad. However, I felt like I was able to rebound quicker after a tough workout in the final two weeks of taking the supplement. I’ve been increasing weights and performing more workouts at Rx than ever before, so while I am getting stronger, I think it’s safe to say the fish oil has helped my body in handling the new loads and tests I’m throwing at it.
Receiving the fish oil supplement.

Receiving the fish oil supplement.

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