Prevent Rips With JAW Grips at your Box


JAW is now stateside. Headquartered in Australia, JAW is famous for our impressively effective, yet comfortable, handmade Pullup Grips. To better accommodate our North American wholesalers, we launched a U.S. distribution facility in Southern California. All wholesale orders are processed and shipped same day for free!

Since we launched JAW Pullup Grips four years ago, we have earned the reputation of having the highest rated, top selling CrossFit hand grip on the market. Loved by beginners, CrossFit Games champions and everyone in between, JAW has been the unanimous No. 1 choice for hand protection throughout the community.

If you haven’t had the luxury of using our Pullup Grips yet, the thing that really sets us apart is our fabric. It’s light, durable, flexible, breathable and extremely comfortable. Most of us don’t want to wear grips while we workout. JAW Pullup Grips solve that problem by feeling as if you’re wearing nothing at all. Designed to essentially be a second layer of skin, after chalking up you’ll completely forget you’re wearing them.

Compared to other grips, our fabric doesn’t impede your performance or grip in any way. The leather is thick and uncomfortable. It also has a problem with bunching up and most people are forced to take them off mid WOD. Tape is cheap and disposable, hardly ever lasting more than a month. JAW fabric on the other hand feels amazing, improves your grip, protects current rips and prevents future ones. Best of all is that you can wear them the whole WOD.

In addition to our JAW Pullup Grips, we also offer JAW Gloves and JAW Finger Sleeves. The gloves provide double the protection and coverage of the Pullup Grips. They are also slightly thicker in the palm region, which makes them great for barbell work and rope climbs. The Finger Sleeves are perfect for people that have issues with their fingers tearing and they also make hook-gripping significantly easier.

With great wholesale margins along with the approval and endorsement of the CrossFit community, JAW products are the perfect addition to any Box pro shop. We also proudly provide nifty display and promotional items, which makes selling our products even more effortless. With considerable profit margins and the benefit of protecting your members’ hands, why wait? Sell JAW at your Box today.

For more information, email or call 888.729.8289.