Predictions and Preperation for the 2019 Open

CrossFit Open

With almost a month remaining until the Reebok CrossFit Open 2019, gyms across the nation have started to prepare their athletes for what is to come. While the workouts aren’t known until they are released each week, a buzz of rumors and predictions inevitably are forming. 

Box Pro Magazine sat down with Luciano Sperduto, the co-owner of CrossFit Orlando in Florida, to get a better understanding of what he is doing at his Box to better prepare his athletes for the upcoming Open and get his predictions on what’s to come.

Box Pro: Is CrossFit Orlando doing any specific programming to prepare your athletes for the Open?

Luciano Sperduto: We have structured our programming around movements that show up consistently year after year in the Open — including small extra credit couplets with toes-to-bar, bar facing burpees, handstand push-ups and dumbbell front squats. The idea is to be able to build stamina across these movements that have shown up year after year in the Open.

The other tweak we are doing is to formulate Friday’s programming as if we are in the middle of the Open and have one WOD and a well-programmed warm up, as well as primers, for the WOD. The primers are a way for the members to complete one, maybe two, abbreviated rounds of the workout at pace and feel the stimulus of the movements as they are designed in the workout, so it isn’t a complete shock during the WOD.

We will also be projecting the announcements of each workout live at our Box. Members love to come hang out, bring food and drink and watch it all play out. We also typically have a match up on the night of the announcement where two members will complete the workout. Members get really into it and definitely give their input on who they think the match-up should be. It makes for great energy, and everybody loves friendly competition. 

BP: Is there anything you recommend other Affiliates do in particular to prepare for the Open?

LS: Encourage, encourage, encourage your members to sign up. Educate them that it is for everybody. We start by having our Coaches really dispel any pre-conceived notions members have that it is only for “elite athletes.”  What ends up happening is other members who have previously participated become ambassadors for the Open, too. It’s really great to see.

BP: Any workouts or movements you expect to see?

LS: There is history on all this, and it is ridiculously accurate — we will definitely see thrusters, toes-to-bar, dumbbell movements like front squats, burpee box jump overs, handstand push-ups and a whole lot more. Maybe a dumbbell box step over for a new movement.

BP: Do you have any predictions on what is in store for the Games? 

LS: Matt Fraser and Katrin Davidsdottir all the way!

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