Practice Thinking Outside the Nutrition Box

nutrition box

Wouldn’t it be incredible to have the opportunity to change people’s lives for more than 30 day increments? Lasting improvement that translates into long-term sustainability is a worthy goal. The saying “practice makes perfect” works to some extent, but also can set people up for frustration, failure and worse: quitting.

In the fitness space, you are tasked with helping your customers reach their health and wellness goals through education. In regards to nutrition, focusing on proper portion sizes of a macronutrient rich meal allows your customers to develop new, healthier habits with a realistic approach. Today’s consumers want nutrition options they can see themselves doing long-term. Even if the plans they are being offered “get results,” those results tend to be more temporary than we might hope for. Fitness customers want nutrition to be something they can easily understand and incorporate into their everyday lives. They want a long-term solution that offers not only quick wins, but also long-term sustainability.

The benefits of macronutrient-based nutrition are numerous. Most importantly, this approach to nutrition offers a formula that is easily understood and managed. Years ago, the average fitness customer joined a gym to exercise, because they knew they should. Now however, the average fitness customer joins a gym to lose weight and just feel better. In the fitness world, the majority of professionals can agree that for a customer to experience a meaningful body transformation, real results won’t happen unless they get their nutrition handled.

Of course there are many schools of thought regarding nutrition, but the one that has been around since the days of Jack LaLanne is a balanced approach to food.   Jack LaLanne was the original American fitness icon. Often referred to as the “Godfather of Fitness,” LaLanne was one of the very first to publicly preach about the positive health benefits of regular exercise and a good diet, which he did on his long running TV show, which ran for 26 years. In-fact, LaLanne’s most prolific saying was, “If man made it, don’t eat it.”

The beauty of a macronutrient approach is that when people of all shapes, sizes and activity levels consume a proper macronutrient meal, they are consuming all three pieces to the “puzzle” that is nutrition, eliciting a proper metabolic response.

Educating people how to eat real food, in correct portions, allows them to transition to more precise nutritional choices when they are ready to do so. Nutrition is much like fitness. It takes time to develop and it takes even longer to maintain. But when people are encouraged by their results, and the approach is practical, the habit engrains faster and easier. Just like with fitness, tackling a nutrition program with the same mindset of progressions or phases tends to provide not only more success but long-term success. Ultimately, that is more meaningful. And they will associate their success with your fitness facility.

Balance is the key to successful adherence, offering a sustainable approach to proper nutrition as well. The body’s metabolism is most efficient when it senses consistency and trusts that it is being provided for. Give the metabolism what it needs and it will respond accordingly. People thrive with freedom, and fail with deprivation.

A macronutrient-based program that is simple to understand and integrate into everyday life is sure to be a success. Programs that are based on balanced macronutrients and customized to an individual’s composition, activity level and goals are not the future, they are now.  And remember, no-one is perfect but rather a work in progress. Now THAT is thinking outside the nutrition box.


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