Powered by Awesome is Giving Away Website Secrets

Powered by Awesome

After some recent research, we’ve noticed that the average new Affiliate has roughly 1,500 unique engagements on their website EACH MONTH. The average small Affiliate gets roughly 3,000 per month. So while you’re working on “word of mouth,” your website is potentially missing opportunity after opportunity to properly motivate prospects. It may even be scaring people away.

We want to help you convert more of these visitors into actual leads.

As a part of our 2015 marketing campaign, we decided to put a lot of focus on giving back to Affiliate owners so we came up with two programs that any Affiliate can take part of for free and benefit from:

  1. Free Website Consultation: This is more than just a sales call. We spend roughly an hour learning about your business, how your website is performing, what goals you have and what makes your gym unique. Then we put together a website wireframe that we believe will help you increase the number of leads your website generates. If we can help you convert just one more member each month for the next two years, that’s an extra $3,200 you didn’t have. Schedule your Free Consultation »
  2. Free Marketing Tips: Each week we’re releasing two marketing tips that you can use in your business. Most of these you can act on immediately to help you attract new members, run your business more efficiently or keep your existing members happy and engaged. You can find these tips in our Marketing Blog, and on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts.