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Hello! We are Powered by Awesome. Previously known as SitesAsRx to hundreds of clients, we have recently overhauled our business with the goal of helping our clients with these three things:

  • Standing out from their competition. Embrace what makes your Affiliate unique and you won’t have to compete with other gyms. 
  • Enhancing their online brand presence. You offer a quality product. Having brand consistency tells people that you take pride in that quality.
  • Converting visitors into paying members. If your website isn’t helping sell your services, you need to fire it. It’s not living up to its potential.

Gone are the days where an Affiliate can setup its own website and hope for the best. As more and more Affiliates emerge, so does the need for Affiliates to distinguish themselves amongst the crowd. Where is the prospect’s first interaction? It’s your website. And what happens if the website looks cluttered, unprofessional or not engaging? The prospect leaves, and checks out your competition.

Is that something that should be left to chance?

Are you willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars on equipment and leases only to not aggressively pursue the members necessary to fund these things? We hope not. We’d like to help all Affiliates that want a website that looks professional and helps convert visitors into members.

If you’re a gym that wants more members, check us out. We’d love to talk: http://poweredbyawesome.com