The Power of Solid Data

Data can help your Box succeed.Should your business operate in the realm of feelings? Do you ever hear someone on your team, or yourself, say, “I feel that we should…” or “I feel like our members need…”

A lot of times when you speculate what you should do with business you’ll have leaders continually look at their feelings. In some cases following intuition can be positive, but continually operating on emotion can lead to some dark areas.

For years in the publishing world editorial teams designed content and strategized based on feelings of what they thought readers should read. In truth, editorial teams don’t drive content, but readers actually drive content.

In your gym, your Coaches don’t drive your success, but instead your members are the ones that drive your success. When you decide on new amenities or whether you need a bigger space, you don’t always want to go to your Coaches for insight.

If you asked a Coach whether he or she thought you needed a bigger space, they may frequent high volume class sizes and say “yes.” But, what you might really need is just more class times.

You won’t necessarily find that information out from you Coaches. Instead, you should take time to poll your members. This can either be accomplished on your website, Facebook or if you have an e-newsletter. Sometimes we use Survey Monkey for quick information on our readers’ desires.

I’m not trying to devalue the power of your Coaches. They have tremendous insight into the day-to-day operations of your gym. What I’m suggesting is being in touch with your membership base and their needs/desires.

As an Affiliate it’s safe to say that your members stick with you either for your philosophy, coaching, location or community — or, all of the above. They are the ones that will refer friends and continually push your gym on social media. Therefore, it should be them that assists in helping you grow and deciding in what direction.

As a business owner, feelings can sometimes get in the way of the true picture. Spend time harvesting data and information you can utilize to remove feelings and make quality decisions for the future of your business.

Is there a particular data harvesting method you use to help grow your business? Let me know in the comments below.

Tyler is a former editor of Box Pro Magazine.