Power of the Blog

Your blog can do wonders!

When your members wake up in the morning, more likely than not they’re checking their smartphone — and hopefully, reading your blog. The internet is everyone’s go-to source for information, and your blog should be your members’ go-to source for CrossFit.

JoEllyn McAtee, a co-owner of and Coach at Bluegrass CrossFit in Louisville, Kentucky, said the most important thing they use their blog for is to keep members motivated.

“No one wants to hear negative stories or experiences or just someone venting,” said McAtee. “That doesn’t look good for your business, but also that’s not what people need. They get frustrated enough on their own; they don’t need to read about it.”

She said to make their blogs internet-friendly, they keep them short and to the point, often using bullet points. However, they don’t forget to give them a personal touch. “Our Coaches’ testimonials really push our athletes. They can get to know the Coaches on a more personal level, and they can relate to that,” said McAtee. “It motivates them to actually get back in, get moving and get into the whole ‘if she can do it I can do it’ mentality.”

Seth Page, co-founder of Crossfit MF in Portland, Maine, said their blog began as a way to write specific WODs for their competitive members who needed extra attention. “We were already doing it for a couple of our athletes,” said Page. “And one day we just decided to put it out there for free and see if it kind of grew organically.” Crossfit MF’s blog took off from there, now hovering around 2,000 users.

Page said their blog is unique in that it began as a supplement for specific athletes, and they have stuck with that premise. It follows a few of their athletes until they reach their goals in competition.

But, Page said that doesn’t mean they forget about making the blog useful, and they regularly post digestible media for the members.

“It’s just not that exciting for people to watch a 30-minute AMRAP — it is from a coaching perspective, but it’s hard to digest as a person who is browsing on Facebook, or Instagram, or our webpage,” said Page. “The most bang for your buck you can get from a 10-second clip is somebody who is lifting heavy.”

The blog has opened doors for CrossFit MF. They have sent Coaches out to give seminars and have even contemplated opening a second Box in San Antonio, Texas, where they have a large following. This only helps prove that blogging is a resource for your Box.

Ethan Smith is an intern at Peake Media. He writes for both Box Pro Magazine and Club Solutions Magazine.