POP Your WOD with GR3EN Energy

GR3EN Energy ad

Aloha Affiliate owners. We are the CrossFitters from Hawaii who had the “crazy” idea to create a healthy and organic energy drink for the CrossFit community.

GR3EN energy® is Pure. Organic. Power. GR3EN gets its “POP” from organic coconut water, green tea and kale. Nothing synthetic, no sketchy additives and Paleo friendly. Sounds crazy, we know. But … it works! GR3EN energy before workouts is a recipe for success, boosting PRs and your Box’s bottom line.

Top 3 Reasons Affiliate Owners Should Go GR3EN:

1) PRs! Nothing gets CrossFit athletes more pumped than a PR. GR3EN gets results. From Games athletes to casual CrossFitters, people are crushing their PRs training with GR3EN. Keeping your members happy is good business.

2) Money talks. GR3EN increases your green. Generate additional revenue by offering a premium product to help your athletes get the most from their WODs. Members who PR get hooked and make GR3EN part of their routine. Talk about a win-win partnership.

3) Support/Signage/Swag. We love to see CrossFit Coaches and athletes sporting GR3EN gear and Boxes hanging our banners. We can hook you up with banners and signage, and support your events with prizes like shirts, hats and stickers.

Talk is cheap. Don’t take our word for it, feel the POP! We’ll send you a free case of GR3EN energy so you can see why Affiliate owners across the country are Going GR3EN.

CLICK HERE to get your FREE CASE – https://drinkgr3en.leadpages.net/boxproaffiliates/

Learn more at www.GR3EN.org