Pop-Up to the Open

Pop-up shop at the Open

As if the Open workouts weren’t exciting enough on their own, having unique offerings at the workouts can add to that electric feel.

A team for the Open at CrossFit Music City

CrossFit Music City in Nashville, Tennessee, has pop-up sales at each installment of their Friday Night Lights series.  This encourages more of the community to come out and support the athletes competing that night.

Owner Rebecca Brown said  the idea of having companies set up shop at their Box grew from the need to enhance the night of the Open workouts. They wanted something to make the night feel special.

“We were just trying to enhance the Friday Night Lights experience,” said Brown. “Buying things is fun, and at our Friday Night Lights events we just encourage everyone to have a good time and this really adds to it. I think it makes it a more fun environment and makes it seem and feel like a special night and occasion when there are booths set up. It’s not just a regular Friday night workout.”

CrossFit Music City partners with a variety of companies to feature at their Friday Night Lights workouts. At the first workout, clothing company Barbell VooDoo was the featured pop-up shop. However, it isn’t just clothing companies setting up in the Box , KRAVE Jerky, an all-natural jerky company, will also be at one of the Friday Night Lights events.

Brown connected with many of the participating companies through the CrossFit community, and she recommended getting to know people at events to build those working relationships.

A team for the Open at CrossFit Music City

“I met people from these organizations at different competitions and they reached out to me about it,” said Brown. “I didn’t even have to contact them. I have just built relationships up with these companies through the time since meeting, so it adds a nice variety of things to offer to the members.”

Letting your athletes know these companies are coming can build more excitement around the event. Plus, informing members ahead of time can encourage them to spread the word to the community and bring new potential athletes in to your Box.

“Our members always get excited about it,” said Brown. “They will come early and help the companies set up and stay late to help them break down, and they always buy something. It is a good way for the companies to get their logos out, because a lot of our members haven’t heard of them until they come to our Box.”

Kaitlyn is a staff writer for Peake Media. Contact her at kaitlync@peakemedia.com.