What Podium Week Showed Me


Last week, my gym held something called Podium Week.

I saw other gyms doing this as well, and perhaps your Box has something like it. We’ve always had a PR board, but this was the first time I participated in Podium Week.

One of our marketing/planning/party decorating geniuses built a podium, complete with balloons and streamers. All week, images popped up on social media indicating this athlete had hit a PR or that athlete had achieved something incredible. And it wasn’t just new weights lifted or new reps attained. It was a member getting their first double under, or sharing they had lost 40 pounds since joining the gym. One even got real and celebrated the fact she was pregnant after losing a baby earlier this year.

It was absolutely incredible to not only see such joy and celebration, but to also see the community’s reaction. We were celebrating right alongside each other, enjoying the thrills and accomplishments in the gym and in life.

So, I suppose I want this blog to be a sort of encouragement for you, Affiliate. I’ve talked to enough business owners to understand running a Box is not easy. It can really suck at moments. Heck, you might even want to give up now and again. But I want to encourage you not to, and if my above explanation didn’t persuade you, let me try once more.

You are helping change lives for the better. People are building relationships in your gym. They get to go to a safe place to train and better themselves so they can have that high quality of life they deserve. Friendships and success are found in your Box that would have never happened without it.

I know it’s hard, Affiliate. Athletes want to come in this weekend and train in your gym when you just want to be with your family on Christmas. Members don’t like how you’ve been programming the last three months and are openly talking about it. The decision to sign the lease again is coming and you don’t know if you can afford to pay the rent.

Owning a gym isn’t easy. If it was, everyone would do it. But you did, Affiliate, which tells me something — you have grit. You have drive and determination. Maybe you suck at business, but get a mentor. Maybe you don’t organize, ever. Find someone to organize your life. Maybe you are at a loss of how to grow. Read Box Pro Magazine!

But honestly, we are here for you, and you are there for your members. So, I encourage you to keep going. The world needs us, because we are impacting it for the better. You’ve got this, Affiliate.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.