Planning Socials Outside of the Box

Benefits of socials

With four hundred members and counting, Reebok CrossFit Union Square uses socials and events to make its growing community stronger.

“We do socials to allow our members that don’t know each other to get to know each other, and we keep it member-only because we want to build our community as a gym,” said Jackie Daly, the operations manager of the Box located in New York City, New York.

When Daly says ‘member-only,’ she is referring to the fact that members are the only ones invited. However, they can bring along loved ones or close friends to most events as this gets new people involved in the Box’s culture. But the goal remains the same: “To get people to know each other who are already part of the same wonderful place,” said Daly.

For Halloween, Reebok CrossFit Union Square partnered with its sister Box, Reebok CrossFit 5th Ave, for a Halloween Throwdown. Other socials utilize members and their lives outside of the gym.

Daly shared about a recent event at a local wine shop in the city. The owner is a member at the Box and hosted a wine tasting. He even offered a discount of bottles of wine purchased that evening. “When we have people sign up, we ask them what they do. And we’ll talk to them about what they do and how can we integrate their profession with them coming here and our Box,” said Daly. “Everybody’s very vocal about their professions and we try and use that as a way to propel socials and see how we can get everybody involved.”

She said communication is key when it comes to planning events outside of the Box. From communication with the business owners to communication with members, it all matters. Daly uses weekly newsletters, as well as announcements in class and on social media, to let members know what’s going on in and outside of the Box.

“Make sure that you’re announcing it in every possible way: written and verbal and video, and all of the above,” said Daly. “With a gym of 400-plus members … you don’t even understand the percentage of people that will say, ‘Oh, I didn’t know about it.’ It’s incredible. So, just making sure you cover all bases. Once you have everything figured out, as far as all the details go, make sure you start promoting ASAP.”

Like always, the importance of socials comes down to building stronger community with the Box. “It’s important for your members to feel welcome and they love to go to socials and they love to talk about them and they love to post pictures about them,” said Daly. “If you provide those opportunities for your members to build an even better community, it’s worth it. It’s a little stressful on the side of planning it, but once it happens, everybody is so appreciative.”

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