Phone A Friend to Try CrossFit

Bring a Friend

Everything is more fun when you are with your friends, or at least it is according to CrossFit New Hampshire. They started a monthly Bring a Friend program to encourage members to reach out to bring new customers to the Box.

Head Coach Chase Grinley said their reasoning behind starting this program was because of an observation. They began to notice members at their Box were sticking with CrossFit because other people they knew were working out with them.

“Our idea was to open up a free workout and have some members stay for the workout basically as an easy way for someone to tell their friend to come try a workout with them on a Saturday,” said Grinley. “It is just a simple and easy workout where we teach them some basic movements. We try to sell them on the community aspect of CrossFit rather than the workout portion.”

Not only is this a program that encourages a community aspect, it’s also been a benefit for CrossFit New Hampshire. “The one we just ran two weeks ago we had around 11 or 12 people who had never done CrossFit come in and try it, and eight of those people signed up for our on-ramp program,” said Grinley.

It is common for Boxes to offer free-trial programs or a one-on-one workout with a Coach for a potential member, but even those environments can still be somewhat intimidating to a newcomer. By offering Bring a Friend days, people have the option of being with someone they trust and a group of other beginners.

“CrossFit can be intimidating from the outside and it has this stigma that you have to be a Games athlete or a fit male or female to do CrossFit,” said Grinley. “For us, we think it is easier for people to be in that beginner setting with a group rather than coming in and seeing people throwing 135 pounds over their heads and them thinking ‘what am I getting myself into?’ We try to build that community feeling in that first class.”

After the workout Coaches teaching the class use this time to promote their on-ramp program. If someone lives closer to another Box in a different city, Grinley explained they still encourage that person to sign up with the other gym because it is still promoting CrossFit as a whole.

“Sometimes people bring in friends that live a couple towns away so they maybe can’t sign up with us right then, but they might choose to go to a Box closer to them because they realized it was enjoyable and not intimidating,” said Grinley. “Those following months after our Bring a Friend program are the biggest for our on-ramp program.”


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