4 Perks to Attract Employees


Gone are the days of employers looking solely at salary when choosing a job. People now are looking for perks, benefits and a multitude of other aspects before choosing to accept or decline a position. This is a great fact for small businesses, as it doesn’t mean the titans in the industry will steal all the best Coaches or employees.

According to a study done by Glassdoor, companies across the world are adding unique perks to open positions that go beyond the basics. Below are some of the top additions to a job position companies are using to attract exceptional candidates:

Student loan repayment assistance

Any college graduate knows how big of a deal student loan debt is. Most employees take a good amount of their monthly income to dedicate to decreasing that debt, and employers across the country are taking notice of this.

According to an American Student Assistance survey, 76 percent of people described student loan repayment as a factor that could put a potential employer over the edge. Businesses that incorporate this into their contracts typically match an employee’s student loan payment with a yearly cap.

Work-life balance

It’s common to have vacation time and sick days provided in each of your employee’s plan, but how often do each of these employees end up having days left at the end of the year. Taking vacations or time off is a great way to avoid burnout and stay engaged with your athletes.

Marketing agency Fractl employees ranked improving work-life balance right below health insurance as the most in-demand benefit among job seekers. Because of this, they require their employees to take 10 days of vacation a year, no matter what.

Paid maternal and paternal leave

This is always near the top of the list for employee benefits. In fact the Harvard Business Review ranked it among the most highly valued benefits for job seekers. If you are struggling with retaining your Coaches, this perk might be the icing on the cake. Employees who feel supported by their boss during this period of their lives are likely to return focused and happy, rather than stressed and scatterbrained.

A fun company culture

Everyone spends a strong majority of their time at work, so it is important they enjoy being there in the environment. Companies across the country are trying different initiatives to up their “fun” factor.

Eventbrite offers a $60 wellness stipend to be used on protein, juices or whatever else they may need. Genetech offers car washes, haircuts and a childcare center. Timberland employees can take up to 40 hours of paid time off per year to do volunteer work. Bain & Company holds a two-day soccer tournament for the employees.

Kaitlyn is a staff writer for Peake Media. Contact her at kaitlync@peakemedia.com.