Q&A: Partnering with Octane Fitness

Octane Fitness

TJ Belger, the owner of TJ’s Gyms, shares his experience on partnering with Octane Fitness/Schwinn Airdyne within his business:

Why did you partner with Octane Fitness/Schwinn Airdyne?

We partnered with Schwinn before Octane took over, because we were looking to upgrade our fan bikes while also adding a new element to a massive event that we run called NorCal Masters, likely the largest functional fitness event in the world solely for Masters athletes.

What have been the benefits of the partnership to your business?

The customer service, delivery and attention to detail has been phenomenal.

What have been the benefits of the partnership to your members?

Having the Cadillac of bikes for our members is a no brainer. Our members love the look and feel of the bikes.

Is there anything about working with Octane that has pleasantly surprised you?

Their attention to detail and customer service is unmatched.

What would you like other Affiliates to know about partnering with Octane?

Owners need to partner with quality vendors and suppliers, like Octane, because the era of the “garage gym” is ending. Cleaner, well kept, attention-to-detail facilities is now the standard in studio fitness. Having topnotch equipment that is of commercial quality is absolutely necessary.


For more information, visit octanefitness.com/commercial/products/recumbent-ellipticals/airdynepro/.