Parent and Kid Class Finds Success at Ft Wright CrossFit

parent and kid class

A little over three years ago at Ft Wright CrossFit, in Fort Wright, Kentucky, Coach Stephanie Meyer walked into the gym’s childcare area after a workout to notice the kids had set up their own version of a gym. 

“The kids had set up an entire workout,” said Meyer. “They had a place where they were going to do squats over here, pushups over there; it was amazing. The parents walked in and laughed and were so thrilled the kids thought of doing this on their own.”

This sparked an idea for the staff at Ft Wright CrossFit to start a parent and kid class. And for the past three years, once a month on a Sunday, parents bring their kids — starting at age 5 — to the gym for a CrossFit class. Each class starts with stretching, followed by a relay race or obstacle course, and ends with a workout. 

“It is honestly one of my favorite classes to coach because you can see the parents are so thrilled to be teaching their kids the importance of movement and exercise and fitness,” said Meyer. “It gives families something to talk about at the dinner table. Kids love to tell stories about what they accomplished at CrossFit.”

Meyer explained the gym tries to market to members and non-members of the community. Since most parents are always looking for a way to let their child exert some energy, the class has a solid following. While most of the new clients come from online searches, they also have found success by visiting small businesses in the area. 

“We use Facebook and Instagram a lot to get the word out about the class,” said Meyer. “We try to tag parent and kid fitness classes, which is what most people are searching online so it helps our ranking on searches. We also physically go to the local places like the library, daycares and restaurants with booths to get the word out.”

The class has consistently had between 20 and 40 parent and kids in attendance since inception, and Meyer credits that consistency to the dedication of the families at the gym. 

“Our gym is full of families because those families will tell their friends and family, and so on and so on,” said Meyer. “This is the perfect class to bring everyone together for a day of absolute joy and fun for everyone involved.”

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