The Outreach of CrossFit Eminence

CrossFit Eminence staff.

The goal of CrossFit Eminence is so much bigger than its four walls.

“We try to do a lot for not just our gym and our Coaches, but bring more seminars to Colorado,” said Lindsey Marcelli, the co-owner of the Box in Thornton, Colorado. “That’s why we wanted to open our gym. It’s not just for who comes to our gym, but how much can we have an outreach.”

That outreach has widened with the inclusion of various partnerships. For instance, Marcelli explained how with an unlimited membership people not only get CrossFit classes, but four classes at a yoga studio, four at a rock climbing gym and one at a parkour studio every month. Plus, Eminence also puts on swim WODs at the local Veterans Memorial Aquatics Center and offers summer track WODs at a nearby school.

All of this is born from Marcelli’s initial experience with CrossFit. Finding this way of fitness while in the military, she joined her first Affiliate after moving to Colorado in 2010. “Seeing my own progress, like strength, health and just kind of overall mental toughness, after seeing how it changed my life, I wanted to share the experience with my own community, and that brought my husband and I to open our own gym,” she said.

In the span of about two months, the duo applied for an Affiliate and found a location. The name Eminence was born from the surrounding environment of mountains and high altitude, as well as Marcelli and her husband’s background in the army. “Eminence with being like authority and dignity, prominence and power. Everything about the word eminence hit home for us so we went with it,” she said.

What is prominent is how the Box has become entwined with its community. Marcelli said the reason to partner up with other studios, businesses and even a chiropractor is more than just good for the business side. “It just brings a little bit more fun,” she said. “Everybody does CrossFit for a certain reason. Some people just want to look better, feel better. So, getting outside of just CrossFitting, and maybe do a recovery day at yoga or have fun and use your fitness to do rock climbing for the first time, it opens new horizons for people. [It] brings more fun and gets more like-minded individuals together from different areas of fitness.”

Quick Tips From One Affiliate to Another:

1)   Reach outside your own community

2)   Set goals for your business

3)   As you grow, fill in those goals


Photos by Robbie Wright

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