Outbreak of New Classes at Brooklyn Box

CrossFit Outbreak members at work.

CrossFit Outbreak, in Brooklyn, New York, is adding classes in Capoeira, indoor rowing, yoga and boot camp exercise.

These new class offerings come as a near-direct result of the rapid growth the gym has seen since it first opened its doors last fall, according to Adam Sturm, co-founder of the Box, in a press release.

In addition, Crossfit Outbreak’s mission is to provide people with a well-rounded, comprehensive way to achieve fitness. “We have been fortunate to experience very fast growth. In three months we have more than 150 active members,” said Sturm. “We want all our members to be well-rounded athletes. Our programs deliver a level of fitness that is, by design, broad, general and inclusive. Our specialty is not specializing.”

Capoeira, a martial art originating from Brazil, combines elements of dance and acrobatics, and is an increasingly-popular way for people to get fit. CrossFit Outbreak’s Capoeira course is led by Pena Verde, an instructor from Salvador, Brazil. “Verde started practicing Capoeira when he was 15 years old with Mestre Sabia, the coordinator of The Association of Ginga Mundo Capoeira,” explained Sturm. “It’s incredibly exciting to have someone with such world-class experience show our members how much fun Capoeira can be.”

The new classes are already highly popular among CrossFit Outbreak’s members, said Sturm. In addition, he doesn’t know of other CrossFit gyms that offer this many different classes to their members. “Our members are very excited,” he said. “Our rowing classes are regularly sold out and we are just rolling out the Capoeira classes. Yoga has been a big hit and boot camp is a great way to workout without weights. By offering programs that are broad and inclusive, we hope to attract and keep members longer and to keep them healthy and fit for many years.”