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Once a month, Angelo Sisco gets to play Jimmy Fallon. As the owner of O’Hare CrossFit in Franklin Park, Illinois, Sisco is also the host of the Box’s Facebook Live show, “At the Whiteboard.” On one Thursday night each month, Sisco sits down with members and Coaches to ask questions and play games like Heads Up!

“It’s all about, for us, what we say is showcasing our most valuable asset, which is our community, so we just put them out there. We let them be the stars,” said Sisco. “A lot of people seem to really like it, latch onto it, and we always are pretty good at coming up with a bunch of different concepts for it.”

For Patrick Manner, the owner of CrossFit Unbroken in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, original content is just another outlet for his athletes to connect with his business.

Manner, like Sisco, uses Facebook Live. He explained he lets his Coaches get creative and have fun with social media. But he has also put it to use in his last 12-week nutrition program. After the first week of the program, Manner took those participating and did a Facebook Live Q&A session with them. Anyone could ask questions about the program and see what it was all about. Manner explained it was like people received a free trial of the first week of the program.

When it comes to successfully using Facebook Live, Manner gave a couple tips: First, prepare and have a goal of what you’re going to do on the feed.

Second, Manner will set up Facebook Live on his phone while also having his laptop open and on the feed. He explained that way he can view what the video looks like, as well as easily see questions people ask.

On top of Facebook Live, Manner and his Coaches write blogs about various topics to educate the membership, as well as give the staff of CrossFit Unbroken a further point of ownership in the business. Plus, different members prefer different platforms on which they like to receive original content. So by using both blogs and Facebook Live, Manner is able to reach more of his membership.

The idea behind any original content Sisco creates is to put the idea of what his Box stands for out into the community. For example, Sisco has also launched a vlog, “The Daily OCF.” Sisco has hired a three-person team of high schoolers – he pays them minimum wage – to produce about two videos a week. The style is documentary and has, for example, followed a Coach through the grocery store to see what she buys and why.

Sisco said Daily OCF got his Box a lot of attention and he grew a following over the summer of 2016. Then in the fall, he launched a large trial offer for his gym. “It seemed to be a big success with people because they were already following us from the show,” he said.

In the end, Sisco explained his goal behind creating original content is to build up an audience in his business’ ecosystem, and original content can draw the necessary attention.

“When it comes down to setting a trial offer up … it’s so much easier because they’ve already been liking your page, they’ve already been following your content and you didn’t try to sell them stuff right away,” said Sisco.

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